IV and Vitamin Infusion Therapy

IV and Vitamin Infusion Therapy

IV & Vitamin Infusion Therapy is a choice more and more people are turning to today to improve health and experience overall well being. In the past, this type of therapy was only used for cancer treatment, but it is now used more commonly for supplementing and administering nutrients directly into the bloodstream—providing quick and efficient results.

When you are dehydrated, sick, distressed, or just exhausted, don’t you want to feel better more quickly? IV hydration and vitamin infusions deliver 100% of the fluid, electrolytes, and vitamins directly into the bloodstream for instantaneous effects with maximal absorption. We offer a variety of IV therapies with a large range of vitamins and formulas from simple rehydration to pain relief, diet, detox, and more. 

IV & Vitamin Infusion Therapy can boost energy, as well as help to reduce age-related side effects such as wrinkles, tissue damage, thinning hair and anxiety. Since the treatment is administered directly into the veins, results may be realized much more quickly than oral or other traditional methods. Physicians believe this form of therapy is safe and effective and can be custom-made to meet the unique health needs or desires of each patient.

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